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Why and How to Adopt A Weimaraner Rescue

By Anne Taguchi | Last Updated: September 19, 2022

Are you interested in adopting a Weimaraner but have no interest in showing or working your dog? Getting a purebred dog doesn’t mean you have to work with a breeder. You may want to focus your efforts on working with a Weimaraner rescue instead.

There are SO many good dogs that come through rescue! And there are SO many reasons to obtain your new Weimaraner through one of these organizations!

Weimaraner with long tail
Jaeger came through Southern California Rescue and was a delightful, happy boy that found a forever home quickly. Check out his long tail!

Why Are Weimaraners in Rescue?

If so many Weims in rescue are so great, why are they there in the first place? Sadly many think that the dog’s presence in rescue means that they are somehow inferior. That is almost never the case.

The usual reason a Weimaraner is in rescue is due to impulsive owners that considered their Weim a possession rather than a family member and got tired and bored of the dog.

Or, the owners truly had no idea of the time, expense and effort Weimaraners need.

Weims may also be in rescue due to the rescue group relieving a shelter of dogs; or they may also be in rescue as a part of a puppy mill shut-down.

Finally, a Weim may be in rescue due to the owners’ unexpected life changes such a new job, divorce, moving out of the country, or other circumstances that fall under the “life happens” category.

Longhaired Blue Weimaraner
This longhaired Blue Weimaraner came through Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue.

Top 4 Reasons to Adopt a Weimaraner Rescue

As much as Weimaraner puppies are cute, they are a ton of work! And while obtaining a Weimaraner through a reputable breeder is the best way to purchase a purebred dog, there are many good reasons (better reasons even!) to go through rescue.

The Bond. The upheaval that a Weimaraner feels when there are ownership changes can be quite acute, and many of these Weimaraners are more than ready to develop a deep bond with their new owners. Most are exceptional companions, seemingly understanding that they were lucky to be “chosen” by you. They’re ready to forget their less stable lives for a fulfilling life with YOU.

WYSISYG. Experienced breeders with a long history are often able to predict many things that a Weimaraner puppy will turn into as an adult. Sometimes the breeder is wrong. Sometimes the breeder is too inexperienced to know. Sometimes it’s simply unpredictable. When you work with a rescue, you will know things such as the ultimate size of the dog, activity level, trainability, potential “hot buttons” and much more.

The Match. Rescue groups are usually run by experienced Weimaraner folk that have experience in placing Weims in appropriate homes. While all Weims share common traits, there are often mis-matches between dog and home that were not recognizable when the Weimaraner was a puppy. Now, there is an opportunity to rely on an experienced rescue to place the right Weim to the right home.

Puppy Crap. Both literal and figurative! Most rescue Weimaraners are housebroken before they are adopted, either by their original owners or their fosters. Either way, with an older rescue you will not be tied down by the rigorous schedule of housebreaking a puppy. You will also skip the puppy biting, destruction, having to get up in the middle of the night…. Let’s face it, puppies are a lot of work!

What to Expect When Working With Weimaraner Rescue

Weimaraner rescue exists for the dogs’ best interests, not necessarily the desires of the new home. A good rescue is going to be making sure that the dog will do well in your home, so expect to jump some hoops when going through the rescue process. (It’s worth it!)

You should expect that the rescue group will be asking questions to make sure you are prepared for this breed. How active are you and are you ready for the energy level of a new Weim? Are there other dogs in the household? Do you have children? Do you have a fenced yard? These and many other questions will help determine whether a Weim that is currently in rescue would be appropriate for your home.

You should also expect to fill out a thorough application with the rescue organization as well as engage in some phone calls and/or a home visit. Yes, you may feel this is a little invasive, but there is good reason for all of this. The idea is for the placement to be “right” the first time (to be more accurate, the second time)!

Rescues will take a dog back, no questions asked, but everyone is striving to avoid this situation! Obviously the goal is for the dog to find a permanent and loving home, not being bounced around yet again. So please understand that the questions are merely to make sure that you are prepared for your new addition.

Contacting Weimaraner Rescue

Go to this comprehensive list of Weimaraner rescues in the United States and start putting in applications! You may also want to look at rescues in neighboring states.

You will need to be patient. It does often take time for the rescue to find that right match for you. Once you know that you can live with this breed, there will definitely be a Weim out there that is right for you and whose personality will fit with yours. There are Weims of all ages out there — young Weims that still have that puppy pep, older Weims that want to cuddle and couch it with you, and everything in between!

Weim rescue will be able to tell you all about their dogs, their personalities and their little quirks. This way you can minimize surprises and have a good idea of what you are getting. A happy ending!

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